Bahnhofstrasse 52

The Area.

The first investment of the BrickMark portfolio is the renowned Bahnhofstrasse 52, purchased for >CHF 130 million. The asset acquired in January 2020 is a commercial building in the central business district of Zurich with over 1’600 sqm of high-quality office and retail space. Located on one of the most visited and desirable boulevards in Europe – the Bahnhofstrasse.

Situated between central station and Lake Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse 52 (B52) is positioned to profit from extremely high pedestrian frequencies and the “brand” Bahnhofstrasse as one of the world’s global players among highstreets, while being the centre of Zurich's commercial district.

The Concept.

Over the course of a 2-year construction period beginning early 2021, the whole building will be renovated and repositioned. By converting part of the office space in luxury retail space we expect to almost double the net rental income of the building by 2024.

B52 is the first object in the portfolio, demonstrating the ability of the team’s and its partners finding rare off-market opportunities in highly demanded markets. The team has identified an additional USD 1bn pipeline of opportunities of similar profile.

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Stephan Rind

Entrepreneur and business angel, Stephan Rind started as an investment banker in New York and Dusseldorf. In 2002 he founded Colonia Real Estate and built up the company to be the 3rd largest listed residential real estate company in Germany. The company was bought by TAG in 2011.